A responsible player in the food industry, the Vlevia group has of course always integrated all technical and regulatory constraints related to traceability and food safety in its process.

Vlevia thus systematically meets the requirements of the FASFC (Federal Agency for the safety of the food chain), which has implemented one of the most advanced control systems in the world, as well as the criteria of the different specifications of its customers and other independent control bodies. From the breeding management to the microbiological quality of meat, each parameter is controlled and mastered.

The direct liaison between the slaughterhouse and cutting and packaging workshops and the internalisation of cold transport allow to preserve the cold chain at all times.

The Vlevia facilities also meet the toughest European standards, and the high-performance computer system allows traceability of meat from the ear of the cattle to the dinner plate.

Finally, Vlevia is certified BRC (British Retail Consortium) of level A: this is the global benchmark for food safety.

When one becomes a major player in the food industry, like Vlevia, the compliance with these standards is no longer a commercial argument, but rather an ethical duty.



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