Entrepreneurs for 4 generations

Noted on 1 January 2015, the merger of the companies Devameat and Strobbe gave birth to the Vlevia family group. The youth of the Group hides the history of two families of entrepreneurs, experts in the meat trade for almost 100 years! 



  • 1920 - Michel Debaere creates his butchery in Wevelgem;

  • 1942 - His son, André, develops the Mouscron branch under the name "Debaere-Lefèvre”;

  • 1990 - Under the leadership of Guy (son of Andre), the company starts a partnership with family Vanoverschelde and creates Devameat, then implanted in the former MIM;

  • 1992 - Devameat moved into a brand new cutting room, adjacent to the slaughterhouse of Mouscron;

  • 2003 Grégory Debaere, 4th generation, enters the company;

  • 2007 - Construction of a new workshop "consumer portions" and a storage wing;

  • 2014 - The Vanoverschelde family steps out.



  • 1929 - Creation of the "Maison Strobbe" in Froyennes by Jérôme Strobbe, mainly active in the trade of live cattle;

  • 1955 - Death of the founder and company taken over by his son, Willy, who will develop the branch considerably in the company;

  • 1972 - The “Maison Strobbe” changes status and becomes a private company;

  • 1984 - Strobbe becomes a limited company and began co-operation with large-scale distribution; 

  • 1990 - Jerome and Yves, Willy's sons, take over the company in turn. Installation of a new cutting room adjacent to the slaughterhouse of Tournai;

  • 2011 - Raphael, Jerome's son, joins the company in order to develop the pre-packaged market.



  • 2015 : Birth of the Vlevia group, created from the merger of the companies Devameat (Mouscron) and Strobbe (Tournai) ;

  • 2016 : Creation of the company "Vlevia Immo SA" and purchase of a 3 hectare plot aiming to extend Mouscron’s production site ;

  • 2017 : Resumption of activities of the company "Eurovlees NV" in Zele ;

  • 2018 : Creation of the company "Vlevia France SARL", established in Villeneuve d’Ascq ;

  • 2018 : Resumption of activities of the company "Commerce de bestiaux Pierre Sagaert SA" in Estaimpuis and creation of a farming division within the group named "Vlevia Farms SA" ;



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