We offer a range of more than 1,000 products, ranging from the entire animal in carcass, to the consumer portion. As beef specialists, we mainly work with the Belgian white blue breed but we are also able to offer meat from other breeds and other countries. Our assortment includes also some veal, pork and lamb products.


Carcass meat

Whole animals, half beasts, forequarters with or without flanks, hindquarters, thighs... You will find the widest possible range of carcass meat with us.

Meat packaged under vacuum

We adapt our cutting to the wishes of each customer with a level of finishing of their choice: raw meat, semi-pared meat, ready to cut/slice meat.

Meat packaged in a protective atmosphere

We offer a wide range of consumer portions both in "self-service" and "assisted bulk”. These products, mainly intended for mass distribution can be labelled under the brand of the distributor. We work with different types of packaging: Apet, Mirabella, Skin... According to the desired volume, we can create specific products at the request of the customer.


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